Monday, March 25, 2019

In summary...

It has been difficult to sum up our 11 weeks on the trail. Here is an attempt.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then 1,000 pictures must be worth 1,000,000 words. Enjoy...

Saturday, March 23, 2019

2018 MST Completers

Jeff and I were honored to be recognized this weekend among the 2018 Mountains-to-Sea Trail completers. We met our goal of making the top 100 at 97th and 98th. Since Jeff was in front most of the journey (to clear the spider webs), I’ll let him have 97…

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Final Methods and Mileage of Travel

Our approach was certainly not traditional or as we originally planned. For the most part, if we could bike it, we did. And if we could paddle it, we did. Amazingly our mileage for each method breaks down to be nearly equal – roughly 260 of each!

1Abackpack0Clingman's Dome Rd.9.1backcountry site #539.1
1Abackpack9.1backcountry site #5320.7backcountry site #5211.6
1Abackpack20.7backcountry site #5234.3backcountry site #4713.6
1Abackpack34.3backcountry site #4747.2backcountry site #4212.9
1Abackpack47.2backcountry site #4262Mile High Campgrd14.8
1Abackpack62Mile High Campgrd68.9Waterrock Knob6.9
2hike0Waterrock Knob9.3Balsam9.3
2backpack9.3Balsam16.9Grassy Ridge Mine Overlook7.6
2backpack16.9Grassy Ridge Mine Overlook30.3Campsite w/ limited flat space13.4
2backpack30.3Campsite w/ limited flat space42.5near Devil's Courthouse trail12.2
2backpack42.5near Devil's Courthouse trail55.6Next to log bridge over creek13.1
2backpack55.6Next to log bridge over creek61Pisgah Inn/Mt Pisgah5.4
3hike0Pisgah Inn/Mt Pisgah15.6BRP MP 39515.6
3hike15.6BRP MP 39530.7Folk Art Center15.1
3hike30.7Folk Art Center45.6Craggy Garden picnic area14.9
3hike45.6Craggy Garden picnic area57.4NC128/Mt Mitchell access11.8
3hike57.4NC128/Mt Mitchell access67.7Black Mtn. Campgrd.10.3
4hike0Black Mtn. Campgrd.7.8Buck Creek Gap7.8
4hike7.8Buck Creek Gap19.7Green Mountain Rd11.9
4hike19.7Green Mountain Rd33.2Old NC 10513.5
4backpack33.2Old NC 10542.3Many campsites9.1
4backpack42.3Many campsites52.7Jonas Ridge10.4
4hike52.7Jonas Ridge65.1FS464/Pineola Rd12.4
4hike65.1FS464/Pineola Rd75.2Beacon Heights10.1
5hike0Beacon Heights13Julian Price Campground13
5hike13Julian Price Campground21.2Moses Cone8.2
5backpack21.2Moses Cone31.8Backcountry campsite10.6
5backpack31.8Backcountry campsite41.2Backcountry campsite9.4
5backpack41.2Backcountry campsite51.9Park Vista Inn10.7
5backpack51.9Park Vista Inn66.2Trail Angel Camping14.3
5backpack66.2Trail Angel Camping76Miller's Campground9.8
5backpack76Miller's Campground90Devil's Garden Overlk14
6hike0Devil's Garden Overlk9.4Stone Mountain SP9.4
6bike9.4Stone Mountain SP35.1Crater Park, Elkin25.7
6paddle35.1Crater Park, Elkin67.5Pilot Mtn SP32.4
7hike0Pilot Mtn SP10.4Pilot Mtn Campgrd10.4
7backpack10.4Pilot Mtn Campgrd20.8Mountain Trail Stable10.4
7backpack20.8Mountain Trail Stable35Hanging Rock SP14.2
7backpack35Hanging Rock SP36Hanging Rock Overlook1
8bike0Hanging Rock SP46Bur-Mil Park46
8bike/run46Bur-Mil Park53.4Lake Brandt Marina7.4
8hike53.4Lake Brandt Marina63.9Bryan Park10.5
9bike0Bryan Park24.3Indian Valley Golf Course24.3
9hike24.3Indian Valley Golf Course32.6Red Slide Park8.3
9bike32.6Red Slide Park52.3Eno River Mill19.7
9hike52.3Eno River Mill60.1Eno River SP7.8
10backpack0Eno River SP18.1Private Land18.1
10backpack18.1Private Land27.7Hickory Hill Boat Ramp9.6
10hike27.7Hickory Hill Boat Ramp39.5Rolling View Rec. Area11.8
10hike39.5Rolling View Rec. Area54.6Shinleaf Rec. Area15.1
10hike54.6Shinleaf Rec. Area65.1Yorkshire Center10.5
10hike65.1Yorkshire Center74.5Wilkerson Nature Preserve9.4
10hike74.9Wilkerson Nature Preserve77.6Trailrace Fishing Area2.7
11a-16abike/paddle0.25Falls Lake31.8NC 42 bridge31.55
11a-16apaddle31.8NC 42 bridge46Smithfield Commons14.2
11a-16apaddle46Smithfield Commons65Howell Woods Camp19
11a-16apaddle65Howell Woods Camp95Old Waynesborough Park30
11a-16apaddle95Old Waynesborough Park122Seven Springs27
11a-16apaddle122Seven Springs145Wildlife center @ 7023
11a-16apaddle145Wildlife center @ 70175Pelican Landing Fishing Camp30
11a-16apaddle175Pelican Landing Fishing Camp194Union Point Park/New Bern19
11a-16apaddle194Union Point Park/New Bern216Pine Cliff Recreation Area22
17hike -CLOSED0Neusiok Trail21.4Oyster Point Campground21.4
17bike21.4Oyster Point Campground69.1Cedar Island Ferry47.7
18bike69.1Cedar Island Ferry0Ocracoke0
18bike0Ocracoke21Frisco Campgound21
18bike/hike21Frisco Campgound81.5Jockey's Ridge60.5